With over 1 Billion dollars in sales and over 25 years’ experience, Peter is in the top 2% of real estate earners in the country and undoubtedly one of this country’s most outstanding residential agents.

As an agent you can be flavor of the month, here today gone tomorrow, but experience, integrity, and quality take time, proven, not flashy, like a good wine, Anyone can sell a house in a good market, but to get the best price possible when the market is good or bad takes skill and experience.

Peter’s ability to consistently produce results for home owners is a combination of his rare negotiation skills, excellent use of technology and ability to recognize the requirements of buyer and seller and bring them together.

With honesty and integrity you will be able to make accurate decisions with confidence. Peter and his wife Lisa work together and have established themselves as a formidable force in the Auckland Central/Bays market.

There is no substitute for experience. There is no substitute for success.


3 Glenbrook St

13 Ventnor Rd
55 St Stephens Ave
2/54 Upland Rd
35 Omahu Rd
17 Dromorne Rd
1/8 Marua Rd
1A Claybrook St
32 Ridings Rd
6 Jefferson Rd
129A Selwyn Ave
22A Golf Rd
7 Wharua Rd
7 Selwyn Ave
22B Upland Rd
1/142 Upland Rd
24A Upland Rd
1/40 Rawhitiroa Rd
200 Orakei Rd
141 Victoria Ave
24 Rawene Ave
42 Ronaki Rd
3a Glenbrook St
1A Kelvin Rd
76 Clonbern Rd
7 Gilgit St
11 Kenny Rd
1F/96 Upland Rd
8 Ridings Rd
42A Benson Rd
1A Mahoe
44 Macpherson St
162 Upland Rd
2/28 Combes Rd
79a Kurahaupo St
89 St Stephens Ave
26 Burwood Cres
3 Tohunga Cres
17 Eastbourne Rd
34 Ohinerau St
86 Victoria Ave
32A Ridings Rd
59 Bell Rd
1/48 Pukeora Ave
6 Ara St
15 MacPherson St
46a Kohimarama Rd
79 Patterson Ave
60 Rukutai St
142 Upland Rd
48a Polygon St
21 Walmsley Rd
158 Bassett Rd
8 Dromorne Rd
139C Orakei Rd
32A Ridings Rd
111 St Stephens Ave
32 Ara St
156 Upland Rd
29 Ranui Rd
17 The Glen
142 Upland Rd
15 Ara St
10A Corunna Ave
11c Haast St
20 Springcombe Road
4 Aumoe
12 Selwyn Ave
35 Ranui Rd
40 Rangitoto Ave
30 Bath St
37a Orakei Rd
14A Temple St
44 Lingarth St
111 St Stephens Ave
28 Dell Ave
6A Benson Rd
1 Waimarie
76 Market Rd
28a Manawa Rd
1/11b Kititrawa
1 Woodley Ave
8C Crescent Rd
97 Coates Ave
7 Warrington Rd
16 Combes Rd
11A Manawa Rd
34 Tarawera Tce
47 Paunui St
2/68a Ranfurly Rd
20B Rawhitiroa Rd
17 Woodley Ave
26 Ngaiwi St
52 Lingarth St
5 Bridgewater Rd
259 St Heliers Bay Rd
732D Remuera Rd
2a Burmuda Pl
60 Lucerne Rd
67 Grampian Rd
39A Challenger St
19 Elam St
56 Rukutai St
1c Claybrook St
32 Ridings Rd
11 Dromorne Rd
84 Bell Rd
24 Peary Rd
18a Upland Rd
98 Benson Rd
1/24a Ronaki Rd
21 Shipherds Ave
4/5 Fox St
7 Heather St
31 Spencer St
31 Spencer St
45 Ngapuhi Rd
259 St Heliers Bay Rd
206 Upland Rd
80A Koraha
11 Woodley Ave
27 Mt St John Avenue
42 Ronaki Rd
154 Upland Rd
27 Pukeora Ave
7 Westbourne Rd
27 Golf Rd
20 Ranui Rd
13A Mahoe
17 Manawa Rd
27 Upland Rd
6 Ngaiwi St
53 Middleton Rd
52 Mahoe Ave
64c Bassett Rd
67 Arney Rd
44A Ranui Rd
12a Woodley Ave
15 Vanessa Cres
39C Orakei Rd
732A Remuera Rd
36 Dudley Rd
98 Benson Rd
198 Victoria Ave
34 Bay Rd
1/272 Kohimarama Rd
272 Kohimarama Rd
1A Claybrook St
11C Mainston Rd
5A/524 Remuera Rd
12A Derby Downs
13a Orakei Rd
3 Sharpe Rd
11 Ngaiwi
53 Ridings Rd
17A Puroto St
19 Dromorne Rd
4/28 Awatea Rd
16 Woodley Ave
146 Long Drive
44 Ngapuhi Rd
31 Ngaiwi St
4A Jefferson St
57 Esperance Rd
22 Ara St
4 Okahu St
3 Maxine Place
272 Riddell Rd
129A Selwyn Ave
11 Woodley Ave
44 Balmoral Rd
5 Entrican Ave
58 Edmund St
57A Hanene St
19C Auckland Rd
130 Maskell St
103B Long Drive
123 Orakei Rd
39 The Parade
16A Holgate Rd
14 Tagalad Rd
165 Paritai Dr
78 Upland Rd
6 Burrows Ave
4 Keys Tce
18A Martin Ave
149 Mountain Rd
5A Kinder Place
50a Lucerne Rd
5 Dudley Road
24 Upland Rd
14A Kenny Rd
19 Stanwell St
28 Aldred Rd
38 Ventnor Rd
35 Marewa Rd
4 Omahu Rd
39 Benson Rd
130 Grand Drive
25A Sudeley Ave
74b Bassett Rd
17 Mainston Rd
14 King George Ave
74B Bassett Rd
149 Victoria Ave
18 Peary Rd
34 Gladstone Rd
26 Ngaiwi St
40A Benson Rd
3/139 Orakei Rd
3 Combes Rd
35 Ranui Rd
7/5 Kohimarama Rd
360 Kohimarama Rd
216 Kepa Rd
8 Siota Cres
196A Kohimarama Rd
7 Ross St
38 Manawa Rd
127 Shore Rd
16 Apihai St
26B Wiles Ave
78 Upland Rd
42A Benson Rd
50 Lucerne Rd
39B Challenger St
3 Tirohanga
16 Kitirawa Rd
40 Rangitoto Ave
26 Dell Ave
78 Upland Rd
14 Macmurray Road
45 Hackett St
129A Abbotts Way

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42 Combes Road, Remuera

The setting back off the road provides perfect peace and quiet and is surprisingly elevated. Built in the 1930s, this ...

Remuera 42 Combes Road
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
Listed 21st Oct
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